Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen, in their book, Great By Choice, talk about 10x leaders. These are people who outperform the competition by ten times. There has been a lot of talk about being a 10x-er. But it is nearly impossible to increase your results by ten times suddenly. Instead of focusing on how to become 10x better, a better place to focus is on being 1.01 times better today.

James Clear talks about becoming one percent better daily. If you become a little better every day you will soon find that you have compounded your growth and are much further ahead than you ever expected to be. One percent is simply where you are today times 1.01. The growth is so small; it probably won’t be difficult. But in the long term, you will soon find that you are at 10x, or better.

Do something to be a 1.01x-er today. It is the small improvements compounded over time that will give you the best returns in the long-term.