1000 Apps

It is my goal to deploy 1000 apps. There are a few ways that I could do this. 

  1. I could start with my current tally (about 50-60 different apps and automation) and continue to build apps one-at-a-time. 
  2. I could create a tool that empowers people to build and deploy their own apps. And then teach them how to use the tool. 

I think that the second approach is probably better. But there are some things I worry about. 

  • What if people don’t want to use a tool that I make? There are lots of no-code/low-code tools out there; why would mine be any better?
  • What if I can’t even develop the tool that I have in my mind? What if I lose focus or get drawn in a different direction and never finish it? What if I’m just not skilled enough? 
  • What if I fail in some other way? (Just a catch-all for all the possible ways that I could miss success.) 

But then there is the other way to look at it also:

  • What if a group of people are just waiting for a simple tool that they can use to make their own apps? What if these people are crying out for a non-existent product they just want?
  • What if I am the only one in the world who has the design and ideas for this type of app-creator and has the level of skill that can deliver this product? 
  • What if I succeed in ways that I would have never expected? 

There is only one way to find out which set of answers will be true. And the answers will probably largely reflect the way that I ask the questions. 

Watch the journey with me. We’ll see where it goes.