Who Needs Project Management (Personas) – Part I

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the difference between project management and completing your to-do list. In the next few days, I’ll write about the specific groups of people who can benefit from project management. We will explicitly focus on 5 people (personas) who can benefit from someone else helping manage the projects they are involved in.

ONE: Andy Accounts Payable

Andy is part of the accounts payable department. He is part of the team that processes 30,000 transactions a week. Even though Andy and his colleagues are skilled at their job, they know that much of their work could be done by their computer, if only someone could figure out a way to automate things. Andy has some Excel and VBA skills, but he doesn’t have the time, or his manager’s buy-in, to be able to implement some of the automation that would truly make a difference in his department.

Andy needs to have help from a project manager who can quickly implement the automation so that Andy can see an immediate benefit. The Project Manager must help figure out the problem, design a solution, and implement the solution quickly, but so simply that anyone in the department can be trained on it.

Andy needs a project manager to connect directly with, but who will also help him demonstrate the benefits of automation to his manager. Andy doesn’t have a budget, but he knows that his manager is focused on efficiencies. Automating tasks would also help his manager improve the quality of processing. With the help of a project manager to implement automation, Andy will be a hero to the rest of the department for making work easier and to his boss, as work has higher-quality and more efficient.