3 Reasons Why You Need to Be Disciplined in Your Focus

We all want our businesses to expand and grow. It seems to be a good thing to allow our employees to innovate, explore, and grow in any direction that they see an opportunity. Even though employees should be able to self-direct their work, allowing people to move forward without clear guidelines of where they are going can be dangerous. As a leader you must make sure that you are very disciplined in the work and outcomes that you are focused on. A relentlessly disciplined focus will be the winning strategy for businesses in the future. Let’s look at 3 reasons why you need to be disciplined in your focus:

  1. Disciplined focus your playing field. By setting constraints through your focus means that you spend you resources on only what is most important to you.Too many choices can stop you from being able to make any decision for action. Giving yourself constraints through your focus means that can ask the question, ‘How can we . . . ?’ about the work that you are trying to accomplish.
  2. Disciplined focus keeps you from spreading yourself too thin. If you don’t have clear parameters for what you will focus on, every good idea will be something that your employees will want to try out. You may get some benefit from some of the ideas, but you will get a much greater benefit from working on one idea deeply.
  3. Disciplined focus is leadership. When you have a disciplined focus, anyone who is looking at you will understand what is important to you. You won’t need to send out a memo about the top priorities. You won’t need to wonder if people know what the top priority is. If you have disciplined focus, everyone will know what is important to you. It will be apparent in every conversation you have. When someone seems to go outside of your area of focus, it will be natural for you to bring them back to think about on what you are focused on.

Not everyone in your organization will like that you have disciplined focus. Focus means saying ‘no’ to a lot of work. And it means saying ‘yes’ to only the work that fits within what you are focused on. Most people prefer to be able to work in whatever way they want. Disciplined focus will not allow people to take the path of least resistance to get to a general goal. But in the end employees who are working for someone with disciplined focus will be more committed to the work and focused in their own work. With everyone working within the same constraints, everyone will have clear goals and get immediate feedback when they are outside of the key areas.