30,000 Hours

What would you do with 30,000 hours?

With 30,000 you could change the world. You could learn a new skill. You could become a world-leading expert in something. You could start something important, and you could pour yourself into something that would have a massive impact on the course of history.

Or you could squander your 30,000 hours. Given 30,000 hours you could throw it in the garbage. Not doing anything meaningful with it.

We all have another 30,000 hours coming up. In previous posts, I have talked about my goals from August 31, 2034. As I reflected on this yesterday, I realized that in the next 15 years, I have 30,000 hours of work time. Having 30,000 hours to make an impact is based on the assumption of about 2000 work hours a year (40hrs/ wk multiplied by 50 working weeks a year.)

No matter how old you are, you can focus on the next 30,000. What are you going to do with it? What are you going to do with the time that you aren’t eating, sleeping, visiting, and doing recreation? How are you going to use about 1/4 of your week (40hrs of work divided by 168hrs in your week) to move the needle in the world?

Don’t compare yourself to what you wish you could do. Don’t think about what others can do. Think about what you WILL do with your next 30,000 hours. And then go and do it.