48 Hours Of Learning

It’s the weekend at last, and I’m going on a journey of 48 hours of learning. It’s a bit like a personal hack-a-thon, except that the purpose is to gain some new skills. 

There are a few things that we have to remember when you are learning: 

  • First, you will be bad first. When you were a baby, you didn’t stand up and walk one day, you started by falling a lot. This weekend will probably be a lot of falling. 
  • I won’t be an expert by the end of the weekend, but what I do learn will contribute to my overall well-roundedness. 
  • Learning isn’t a goal that you can achieve, but having a goal to achieve will help you learn. You can’t say, “I have 300lbs of learning.” But you can say, “what I learned has made us more effective at producing 300lbs of product an hour in our workshop.” Having a clear description of what you are trying to achieve will give you clarity on what you should be learning. 
  • You don’t have to learn for any specific reason. Sometimes you can learn something simple to make yourself a better person. 

48 Hours

Here is what I hope to learn in the next 48 hours: 

  1. How to code a low-code or no-code app. Goal: To make a checklist app. 
  2. How to install a web-server on my home computer. 
  3. How to implement a good looking flat-file content management system. 
  4. How to enroll in, or create, an online improv group that will help me be better at public speaking. 

What are you going to learn this weekend?