5 Interesting Resources To Help You Grow

Here are five resources that I have read/ listened to/ consumed lately. They are helpful for a variety of different reasons:

Startup School by Seth Godin


This 15 part podcast is Seth Godin teaching a group of entrepreneurs about the challenges and hurdles that they will have to overcome if they are going to be successful entrepreneurs. The recording is selections from a three-day seminar that Seth did in 2012, but what he says resonates with wisdom that can be applied today. This series is worth listening to. (I’ve been through it twice in the last six months.)

The Lean Startup


This classic from Eric Ries outlines how you can apply the scientific method to building a startup. By having a hypothesis and then experimenting to test if your hypothesis is correct, you can find out what your customers might want. I had read this book years ago, and I listened to the audiobook this time. Going through it again made me think that I should reread the paper copy also. If you read this book, you will understand the source of a lot of the entrepreneurial language that you hear today — concepts like pivot, minimum viable product, and the build-measure-learn loop.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders


This Stanford podcast is a recording of speakers that are brought in weekly. The speakers range from founders to authors to venture capitalists. The speakers talk about their entrepreneurial journey and share concepts and ideas on what the participants should be thinking about. Listening to this podcast is like having a series of highly experienced people mentor you and share their approach with you.

Projectified by PMI

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I waver as to whether I should mention this one or not. On the one hand, for people who don’t aspire to follow project management as a profession, you might find that it focuses a lot on the career development of a professional project manager. On the other hand, if you are interested to hear what the profession is like, and the significant impact that people are making through the projects they are delivering, this could be the place for you. I think that this podcast is good for Professional Project managers, and people who are exploring whether they want to be professional project managers.

ShipIt Journal – Seth Godin


If I were ever to teach a project management course at college or university level, I would start the session by teaching through this workbook. If you use the ShipIt journal, you will end up shipping your project/product/change. It makes it very easy to help you structure your project so that it gets completed. This journal is amazing. You should use it for your next project.