A Risk Worth Rejection

The other day someone offered to help me with something. I gratefully accepted the offer, even though my work is not organized in a way that they can help at this moment.

A few weeks back, I offered to help a neighbour move a pile of dirt that had just arrived on their driveway. It was going to rain all weekend, and I thought they might hate a soppy muddy mess. They declined the offer because they had a plan of how they were going to move it slowly, and besides, it was a gravelly type of dirt that the water would just run through.

Sometimes you have to take a risk and offer to help someone. When your heart is nudged in that direction, don’t hold back. The person who offered to help me could have been met with a polite ‘no thank you’ or even an offended silence. (Though offended silence isn’t my style – I’ll take all the help that I can get.) In my case, my offer was kind of silly if you know anything about landscaping. (I don’t, but my neighbours are showing themselves to be extremely adept at landscape architecture and construction.

The point is not whether your offer to help is something that is accepted. The point is that you are offering someone the help that you can give. You are holding it out in a vulnerable way that can be accepted or rejected.

Everyone should take a moment to offer something that you have the skill to give. It might be the right time and place, or it might not. But the act of offering makes us realize that we can. By taking the step forward, we realize that offering help is what we all can do.

Your offer might be declined, but taking the risk to offer is worth it. Its a risk work the rejection.