A Surefire Formula For Succeeding in Your Next Project

Everyone can take advantage of this formula for delivering a project. Many times people aren’t successful in their projects because they forget a crucial step. You might find yourself making a presentation to the project team who will be carrying out the work and realize that you don’t have a clearly defined plan. You might be six months into a software project and recognize that you haven’t tested an aspect under certain conditions. There is a simple formula that you can keep in your head that serves as a template both for your development process, and the project schedule. This template is called the System Development Life Cycle.

System Development Life Cycle

The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is defined in different ways by different people. Still, the diagram below shows the framework of what is addressed in each stage of developing something new.

The Project Success Formula

If you take the SDLC and create a project plan out of the steps, you are sure to have success. If you do these five steps and plan appropriate time and resources for each, you will be sure to succeed.

The best part of this template is that it can work, whether it is a 2-day project or a two-year project. The steps of the cycle are the same. It is only the length of time and amount of effort that changes for each item. Use this formula the next time you have a project to deliver. Whether for a small or big initiative, this formula will help guide you to success.