My mission is to energize people to work better.

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This is me. Let me introduce myself in a blog post.

Your Story

You are a hero with a project that will change the world.
The enemy of your success is missed delivery dates and unclear results.
We provide three superhero tools to crush your enemy.

Your superhero tools will help you to:

  1. Plan your project
  2. Track your work
  3. Measure your success
How I Got Here

When I started FortyFour-Three I thought that what the world needs most is automation of the repetitive tasks that people do. The world still need to be saved from repetitive tasks and there are many companies who are helping release us from that prison.

As I listened to what people need, I have found out that you want help to get to the next level in what you are working on. The change that you want make in the world is the most important thing to you.

The “aha” Moment

One day I had an epiphany that revealed that what I can best contribute isn’t a specific technical skill in automation or technology. My best contribution to this world is that I can help you succesfully change the world in your way.

What’s with the name FortyFour-Three?

I can’t explain in 30 words, so you can read about it in this blog post.

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In order for your project to be successful you need:
a plan, a way to watch your progress, and a way to measure your success.

You can increase your success by using training, software, and tools that help you achieve your success.

Focus on the human side of leading a project to success. Get training, tools and templates to get the work done. How do you have the put together the right combination of people, time, money, and brainpower to set the direction for your project?

Training topics include:
Before you start your project, planning your project, knowing who to involve in your project, knowing how to track your progress, what to do if your project is off track, and how to measure your success.

Watching Your Progress
Use the right tools to know how successful you are being. You know where you want to be, but how do you know where you are right now?

Tools that are available to you are:
Project management tools, time trackers, and report tools.

Measuring your success
What do you do now that your project is done?

Measure your success with reporting tools, real-time data monitoring, and and documents that help you remember what lessons you learned.

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I’ve been a part of projects both big and small. Helping organizations who have between $0 and $170 million in revenue. From volunteer projects to enterprise-wide projects I’m glad that I can be a part of the success.

Whether a big or small project, the planning, monitoring, and measurement are always the keys to success.

Our values are simple: We value truth and people.