Adapt To The Unexpected

It is Easter Sunday, 2020. If you had told most people in January 2020 that they should expect the unexpected, very few of them would have anticipated that three months later, most of the world would be in lockdown mode, and millions of people would have lost their jobs worldwide.

The phrase “expect the unexpected” admonishes us to be ready for events that we have not planned for. The directive is helpful to remind us that our plans can be disrupted by factors that we had not foreseen. And once the unexpected events occur, there is a second, even more critical, directive. Adapt to the unexpected. When everything has been turned upside-down, you must make the effort to adapt to the new reality. Once a disruption hits, you cannot continue with your previous plan. Even if you had expected that there would have been a disturbance in your project (expect the unexpected), you wouldn’t have planned for it. (Had you planned for a risk or an issue occurring, it would have a certain level of expectation of possibility.)

Adapt to the new reality. Find ways to thrive and grow. It will not be easy for most people. But if you choose to adapt, rather than endure, you will be able to contribute within the new normal, rather than to fight against it. Adapt to the new reality.