An Argument For Multitasking

By now you have heard that you shouldn’t multitask because you can’t do it well. Some articles and studies show that we deliver worse results if we are trying to do too many things at the same time.

But there is a flip side to task-switching. If you spend too much time staring at the same task, you start to lose your effectiveness. To keep up concentration on a task, you should break off after 90 minutes or so and do something else. The best idea is that you would take a break and rest for a minute. Walking away from your desk isn’t always possible, so sometimes the rest becomes a moment of checking your phone, or looking at another task that you also enjoy.

While trying to do several things at the same time might not be effective. Trying to do one thing for too long also is not effective. Take a break, do something different. Switch tasks, and come back to the original work after a little while. You will get multiple jobs done, and you will achieve optimal effectiveness for each one.

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