And The The Bots Came

It’s all fun and games until the bots come for you.

In the last couple of weeks, and especially the last couple of days, there has been an explosion of comments on my blog posts. I am flattered that so many of you feel that I need essay writing services and are making comments in dialects and alphabets that I am not familiar with. (On second thought, maybe I’m a little hurt that you think that I need essay writing services – I am writing my own blog after all.)

We can all realize, of course, that these are not comments made by real people, but rather bots. We live in an interesting world where posting comments can help bots gain credibility or advertise their wares. My approach has been to ignore the comments and mark them as spam. I guess it’s not much different than avoiding the vacuum sales-person by pretending that you aren’t home.

Next Steps

I don’t automatically approve comments, so I have an inbox full of requests waiting for approval. I’ve updated my spam filters and eventually, I’ll have to turn off the comments if this doesn’t stop. I don’t get many comments from readers, but it is nice to know that people could give feedback if they chose.

I guess I’m honoured that the bots found me – it means that I’m out-there enough that I can be found. I hope that this means that more real people are also finding me. And the ultimate hope is that what I say helps people grow and be better at who they are. I hope that today you are better, and tomorrow is better still.