Announcing the End

Two years ago, I began an experiment: I wondered what it would be like to write a blog post every day for one year. And so I started writing. My blog was the place where I put down the thoughts and concepts that I found interesting from my reading or general life experience. It’s been a great place to keep track of ideas, solidify difficult concepts by articulating them, and to experiment with the discipline of writing.

Just over 700 days later, I’m still writing.

But it’s time for me to spend my energy on other areas for a while. After October 30th, I don’t plan to blog daily anymore. It’s time for me to spend my energy in other places where I can help people.

I don’t know what shape my blogging will take after October 30th. It could be that I blog on very detailed topics or use the blog in more of a newsletter format. I appreciate the feedback, thoughts, and encouragement over the time of this one-year experiment (that turned into two years.) Thank you for reading, enjoy the next week or so of my blog, and I look forward to our next chapter together.

(For those of you who are subscribed to the blog, you will continue to receive blog posts in your inbox; they will be less frequent or even just occasional.)