As the World Sees You

You never see yourself in the same way that everyone else who is looking at you from the outside does. We tend to expect people who are looking at us to judge us with the same standard that we are judging ourselves.

A difference in the standard of judgment can have a good and bad consequence. 

The Bad

Other people don’t see your cracks and faults in the same way that you do. We often act as if everyone knows our struggles, pains, and insecurities. Because of our fear of being vulnerable and hurt by someone who is apparently more put-together, we shrink back and don’t engage and contribute fully. 

The Good

We all have cracks and faults that others see that we gloss over. Most drivers think that they are above average. In reality, most drivers are average (that is the nature of average.) Not continually focusing on our faults means that we can move forward without being paralyzed by the need to fix things. 

Seeing Yourself As the World Sees You

It is good for us to look at ourselves realistically how the world sees us. If you saw yourself walking down the street, you would probably be polite, have empathy, and be willing to help that person. The most valuable realization is to know that others see you in the same way. Don’t shy away from other people; allow them to see you in the way that they see everyone else. Enjoy life.