Assume the Opposite

What if you chose to make the utterly opposite assumption to the one you have made now? 

Examples Of Assuming The Opposite

Assume the project will fail, rather than assuming that it will succeed

Assume that you will be fired, rather than assuming that you will continue to move upwards at your organization. 

Assume that the education you get today will be out of date in 12 months, rather than assuming that it will be foundational for your next step.

Assume that your department strategy is wrong, rather than assuming that it will be successful. 

Argue All Points Of View

Peter Drucker, in his book The Effective Executive (pg 154), tells about the practice for lawyers to prepare the opposition’s case before they develop their own case. If a lawyer understands how the opposite side will win, they can make a compelling case that counteracts the winning arguments. 

Assume the Opposite

Break yourself out of the overconfidence bias by thinking about your assumptions and choosing to assume the exact opposite. It will change the way you think, plan, and act.