At The Speed Of Internet

There is the speed of sound. Sound travels very fast, but sometimes people can travel faster. It depends on what kind of airplane you are flying in.

There is the speed of light. No one has gone faster than the speed of light. They say that odd thing will happen to time as you get closer to the speed of light.

Then there is the speed of the internet. We all have experienced it. The speed of the internet can be characterized by one word: “Now.”

When you look something up on your phone, when do you want the information? When you are browsing to a news page, when do you want to see the page? When you sign up for a membership or newsletter when you expect to get the welcome response? When you order something online, when do you expect to get your order confirmation and receipt?

The answer to all of these questions is NOW.

Be Aware Of Now

As you deliver a project, be aware of the need for NOW. Design with the expectation of right NOW in mind. The internet doesn’t build an expectations of waiting to be satisfied. You can’t make excuses any more, that is not the speed of internet.

The speed of internet is NOW.