Audacious Goals – 2034

I have written about making sure that I have a goal for 2034. I have also talked about my audacious goals.

My audacious goals are:

  1. No unfinished projects.
  2. Every employee aided by automation.

The due date for these goals is August 31, 2034, I have figured what I am going to pursue to get to my goals. In 2034 (specifically on August 31, 2034) I will have two companies. They will be:

  1. The biggest Project Management training provider in India.
  2. The #1 RPA (Robotic Process Automation) company in Canada.

You might be saying two things to yourself right now.

  • One thought could be: “You are pretty big on yourself to think that you will be able to accomplish this.”
  • Or you are saying, “Your goal is pretty limited. I thought you said every employee, not just Canadians, will benefit from automation. And what about the people outside of India? What if they want to learn how to be done on time?”

Both thoughts are true. Equally valid is that I have to start somewhere. If I accomplish both of these goals, I think that we will have the right trajectory to continue to help every employee and support every project.

This post is a soul-baring moment. Now that I have put this out on a blog post I might be forever embarrassed about sharing my innermost dream about what I can achieve. If I end up pivoting or flaking out completely (the latter being more likely) this blog post will remind us all of the line that I drew and the dreams that I planned. (DV)

I also hope that in 2034 I am not talking about ‘my companies’ but what we did together as a team. That would nice to know that it was as I climbed Mount Everest I had more and more people join me. And when we all stand at the top of the mountain, we can have a party.*

I want to be clear about one thing here: I’m not talking about having companies so that I can be significant. The journey will be a lot of work. And let’s be realistic about the chances of success. But you have to shoot towards something – and this is it.

* I’ll quietly watch from the corner as the rest of you party. Because as an introvert, I prefer to sit quietly in the corner. That is where I am most comfortable. But I do enjoy knowing that you are enjoying yourselves.