For those of you who get this blog post in your mailbox, you probably will need to go to the actual post to see this work. 

I want to emphasize how much we should be automating. We type too much and sort and organize too much. In general, we spend too much brain power doing things that our computers could do a million times faster. 

I want to demonstrate this again because it can be so easy. Imagine that you had a spreadsheet with a bunch of names on it. And imagine that you had data that you had to put into some form. Now try out this sample below. Select click a dot to select a row and click the Autofill Text button. And that is the magic of automation. 

John Sunflower 555-123-1234
Sally Straweberry 555-321-4321
Alexa Buttercup 555-333-2222

Where Would You Use This? 

You could use this in so many places: 

  • Accounts Payable data entry
  • Donation entry or cheque entry for A/R
  • HR Schedule entry for employees
  • Time tracking in your professional services company. 

Use automation when you need to do something repetitive that has a lot of structure. If you don’t know how: call me, I’d love to help you.