Automation and Your First One Percent

What if one of your employees was able to save 7 minutes in their work tomorrow? That would mean that they were almost 1.5% more efficient than the previous day.

What if they saved 20 minutes? They would be 4% more efficient.

And what would happen if you repurposed that time into the right things? What if you increased your sales by 1.5%? What kind of clients would you attract if you raised your level of service by 4%? What if your production line suddenly had a 4% increase in output?

That is the beauty of automation.

The benefit of automation isn’t that you will eliminate jobs. Automation will create more space so that you can bring better value. Removing 7 minutes of mundane tasks from an employee’s day tells them that you believe in them. Employees appreciate your understanding that they are more than a mule that will do the same thing over and over.

Automation doesn’t have to just eliminate jobs. It should eliminate work. When it does, you should focus that energy into the things that are really important to your business.