Be Curious

Be curious in everything that you do. Being curious means that you are interested in learning more and figuring out how the world works. If you are a curious person, there are a few phrases that you will find yourself repeating: 

  • “I wonder. . .”
  • “I didn’t understand that. . . ” [but now I do]
  • “I learned something. . . “

More people aren’t curious because being curious requires you to be humble and open to change. When you are curious, you have to remain humble because you have to admit that you don’t know everything about the world. Being curious naturally defaults to the assumption that you don’t know everything and that you want to learn more. Curiosity also requires that you be ready to change who you are when new information comes to light. If you aren’t ready for change, you prefer not to be curious. 

Be curious in everything you do; you will learn new things and be ready for changes that inevitably come your way.