Be Excellent, Be Trustworthy

Be excellent in what you craft and do. When you hand someone your product, they want to know that it has been crafted well. Whether it is software, bedsheets, or pottery, people appreciate it when they have something of quality. Excellence doesn’t mean complexity or even never-ending endurance. Excellence means that you have put purposeful thought and effort into producing something.

Being trustworthy means that you will do what you say. It isn’t only what you say through your words. Your actions and intentions are also part of the promise that you make to other people. If you act like you know everything, people should be able to trust that you do. If you intend to finish that report, your coworkers are trusting you to come through.

Your level of excellence and trustworthiness is your brand. A brand is a promise you make, and the way that you deliver that promise. McDonald’s is excellent at quick food, and you can trust that they will be consistent in their delivery. Apple is excellent at giving a good user experience, and you can trust that they will care more about the experience than the latest interfaces. A dollar store could be excellent at finding items at a low price, and you can trust that everything will be the same price.

What is your excellence and trustworthiness?

My brand is that I am excellent at finding new solutions that haven’t been discovered before, and you can trust that I will keep working until the problem is solved.