Be Predictable

Do your stakeholders and customers a favour: be predictable. Give your project stakeholders the same experience every single time. When they come to a meeting, they should be able to predict how it will start, what the discussion will look like, and how good the minutes will be after the meeting. When you are serving customers, they should be able to tell you what the next step is before you do. You owe it to your everyone to be predictable. 

Being predictable doesn’t mean that you can’t be innovative, fun, inspiring, fresh, or customer pleasing. If you have found a repeatable offering, you can give the same level of creativity every time. Even if you are bad at something, like making pizza or doing bookkeeping, providing a predictable level of quality helps the customer gauge whether they want to show with you or not. 

When you are unpredictable, people will start to disengage. Imagine this: 

  • your software doesn’t always act in the same way
  • someone sometimes starts the meeting right on time and sometimes lets people talk for 20 minutes before starting
  • your coffee may be cold when you get it, or it could be piping hot
  • sometimes your business consultant offers brilliant advice that makes you money; sometimes they provide information that you could have googled

If you don’t have a predictable experience, you don’t have any desire to continue with the product or service. You will walk away and try something else. 

Be predictable for the sake of those around you.