Be Simple. It’s Not Below You.

We often try to make things more complex than they have to be. We do this because we believe that complexity makes what you offer better. When delivering a project speaking in plain language that everyone can understand will help people grasp the change that is being made and how they can help out.

We may try to make our ideas and thoughts complex because we feel that anything simpler would be below our pay grade, education level, or the value we are supposed to be bringing to the table. If we are in the business of truly helping people, we need to have the humility to learn from other people. Assume that everyone you connect with has something that they can teach you about your proposed solution. All you have to do is explain it to them in their context.

Don’t be an inaccessible island of knowledge because you have surrounded yourself by a sea of complexity. Rather, make your ideas be destinations that are easy to get to and as friendly to be a part of as a theme park. Starting with simplicity shouldn’t be below you, because it will make everyone better together.