Book Review: Brief by Joe McCormack

Key takeaway: Make your message clear and direct, and the result will be the reader taking action.

In this book, Joe McCormack walks the reader through the reasons for people to be brief. And the techniques that people can use to deliver concise messages.

We live in a world where there is a glut of information. Decision makers have to absorb and assimilate a lot of information each day. Presenting information clearly and briefly is a breath of fresh air. Joe McCormack recommends that you:

  • Start with the punchline, don’t build up to it. People get distracted if you wait until the end to deliver your point.
  • Don’t review what the decision maker already knows. Jump right in at the point where there is new information.

Joe McCormack also gives us some tools to be brief. These include:

  • The narrative map to map out your message. Start with the focal point, define the challenge, opportunity, and ultimately the payoff.
  • The ‘say-do’ ratio. What you do is an essential part of communicating what is important to you.

Get to the point quickly. Be very intentional about what your message is. Communicate so that a change happens. Being brief will help focus your message.

I would recommend this book as a useful and practical book. Read this book to improve the effectiveness of your communication.