Burn The Boats

I dislike the idea of “burning the boats.” The concept comes from stories, either anecdotal or true, of captains who landed in a foreign land promptly set their ships on fire. With the only mode of escape destroyed, the men had no means of retreat and could either win or die fighting.

I don’t like the concept of burning the boats because I want to leave my options open. I want to be able to retreat and change direction. I want to be able to try something else. I equate burning the boats with burning bridges. (I generally relate burning bridges to damaging relationships, and I don’t want to do that.)

I have a boat to burn. My ship to burn is a belief. The boats that I will set flame to is the idea that I will achieve success in any other way than by making FortyFour-Three win.

I have a thousand different roads that I can take. Every possibility pulls in a different direction. I want to believe that there is an easy road to success. I want to see the straight line to the end prize.

I want people to be better at who they are because of what I do. My definition of success is that I can help the maximum number of people be better at who they are.

My focus will be FortyFour-Three. My purpose is to help others succeed.