Business Fail Reel

I am a one-man business fail reel. Here are the businesses I’ve started:

  • A bookkeeping business.
  • A business to deliver chocolates to business owners over the Christmas season. The chocolates would be for the employees as a Christmas gift. (Save the owner time.)
  • A web-app for churches to take their sermon notes online
  • A business to provide a special of the week to people in a specific part of the city.
  • A lawn care business

These are just the businesses that I can think of off the top of my head. They were all businesses that I spent money on with the intent of making money. Some of the businesses broke even, some of them lost money, a couple of these businesses made me a little bit of money.

The truth is, none of these businesses were really a ‘success.’ None of them continues to generate revenue today.

And I know why they aren’t businesses. It is because I truly have failed.

I’m not a failure. That is for sure. But I have failed. I have failed to make an offer to the right people who need each of these items.  (Except for bookkeeping, that is a story for another post.) Most of these business ideas were good. Most of them could find some people to purchase. But I didn’t, why not? Because I couldn’t connect with the right market. I couldn’t find the right people who would be really excited about the product.

My failure isn’t that I had bad ideas. (Except bookkeeping. That was a bad idea for me.) My failure is that I haven’t put my offering in front of the people who would want it. Most of the time it is lack knowledge, mixed with a little bit of lack of effort.

So today I’d like to change that. I’m going to make sure that my website has offers that I can put in front of people. To let them get what they need. Because what I have to offer will help you get your project done. And who doesn’t want that. I wish that I had more of that when I started all of the other businesses (sometimes called ‘hobbies’ because of the revenue that they made.)