Business. Plan.

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. (Dwight Eisenhower)

The purpose of planning is not to produce a plan, but to think through any possibility. It isn’t the ownership of a recorded plan that will help you in the future. Instead, it is the fact that you have considered a series of possibilities that will propel you towards success.

Your written plan is an opinion on what the future will look like. Each step of the plan reflects the assumptions that you hold to be true. It may all turn out exactly how you have envisioned it, but it probably won’t. You can use your project plan to determine exactly how close you are to where you thought you would be. The real benefit will come from the conversations that you had during the planning process. In your planning conversations, you will have talked about what is vital to the project, and the results that you really want to happen. When everything seems to fall apart during your project, you can think back to the planning process and pick out the important themes and aspects. You can use these guiding principles to help you with decisions that you weren’t aware that you would have to make.

Don’t skip the planning process; it is very important for your project. Don’t hold on too tightly to the plan that you have made; everything could change in a heartbeat.