Take Care

Safety and significance are at the heart of what I offer to you. If my work makes you feel safe and helps you to understand that you are significant, I have succeeded.

In my personal mission manifesto my first statement is, “Because of my actions, other people will be better at who they are.” I am successful when you are a little bit better than you were yesterday. You will never be able to progress forward if you don’t feel that you are safe to step out and risk growth. You also won’t feel like there is any point in growth if you don’t understand that you have a significant contribution to make.

What is drives what you do? What is that thing for which people seek you out? At Apple, they offer people a chance to think differently. Harvard offers prestige and validation of your intelligence. McDonald’s gives you comfort that you got exactly what you had last time for a reasonable price.

How do you take care of your customers? Why do they come to you?
Whether you are in business or doing your day-to-day job working for someone else, you can give people something unique that only you can offer. Know what this unique benefit is, and focus on it. Give your unique benefit; this is how you take care of people.