Change = Change

It ain’t the life you choose, it’s the life you live. What You Give – Tesla

You can plan anything at all. You can plan to go to the moon, double your revenue, or dig a hole to the other side of the world. But if you are going to succeed in any of your plans, you will be required to change. If you could get to the moon by sitting on the couch, everyone would be an astronaut. If you could make a million dollars watching YouTube for a year, there would be a plethora of billionaires. If being reactive to everything that happens to you at work achieved major strategic projects – no business would ever fail. 

When you plan your project, you must plan for the change that the project will require. There are two changes to plan for: 

  1. The change that is needed within you to do the work to accomplish the project
  2. The change in the world that occurs as a result of the project. 

Your project is intended to leave the world different than it was before you started. To make sure that the world is different, the first thing that you will do is to make your own life different. With different work, different habits, innovations in thinking and executing, you will change the world according to your project plan. But if you don’t change anything about yourself, the team doing the work, or the organization who will deliver the results, don’t expect that you will succeed. 

In order for change to happen, you must start by changing yourself. It isn’t the future that you plan for that matters. It is the future that you intentionally build and step into that will be a reality. 

It ain’t the life you choose, it’s the life you live. What You Give – Tesla