Change Your Actions

If you want to be successful in business, mimic someone successful.

Maybe you will mimic their actions, but it is most important to mimic their thoughts and priorities. This is hard for me. I know that if I want to be as successful as Bill Gates, I have to have a laser focus on bringing technology to the world. Even at the expense of a collaborative journey. If I want to design technology like Steve Jobs I have to choose to be picky and kind of a jerk when it comes to mistakes and design decisions that I don’t like.

If you aren’t intentionally choosing to mimic someone, then you are unintentionally mimicking someone. It might be your parents. It might be the way that you think people should act because you have seen it on TV. It might be Gary Vaynerchuk. None of these choices is wrong, as long as you understand that you are acting like someone else.

Here is the exercise for this week:

  1. Choose a person that you will act like for the week. Either in mindset or real action.
  2. Act like them.
  3. Journal every night about acting like this person. What did you think? Where did you feel friction? Write from their mindset, as if you are solving problems through their eyes.

The hypothesis is that you will become more like that person and you will move yourself into their success.

I will let you know how my journey goes.