Choose Your Wedge

A wedge is one of the simple machines you learn about in grade-school. You can use it to separate things, lift things, or to hold something in place. When you use a wedge to separate things, you don’t expect the wedge to do all the work. Without a wedge, it is hard to get started, and hard to keep your place. A wedge can give you a good start.

When you have a project you are working on, find your wedge. What one task or repeated behaviour can you exhibit that will give you a couple of points in head-start. Here are some examples:

  1. Ask people to write down the tasks that they will be working on (writing it down themselves gets their buy-in)
  2. Set a specific date as a deadline. Saying in 3 months is different than saying August 31, 2019. The latter is much more urgent.)
  3. Schedule ‘kill-the-project’ meetings when the project starts. At the beginning of the projects schedule meetings where you will talk about ending the project early. It gives everyone an honest voice in how the project is going.
  4. Talk to people. Relationships are everything.

Find your wedge, or use one of these. Give yourself all of the advantages you can to get done on time.