Comfort Zone and Unlimited Opportunity

Just outside of your comfort zone sits many opportunities for you. You have a set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that you are content with. If you choose to step outside of your experiences, you have an opportunity because someone with your specific history and makeup won’t be stepping into the same place. You have the advantage because no-one sees the opportunity quite as you do.

And if you take one step further out of your comfort zone, you will find a blue ocean. Here you can find unlimited opportunities because your approach will be so unique, and your way of solving problems will be so innovative that it will be unmatched. It is a blue ocean, not because you are the most skilled, but because you are so far out of your comfort zone that you MUST figure it out. You don’t have the freedom to make safe choices, but your core experience will keep you grounded in the right things to do.

Comfort zone at center circle, then Opportunity, then the blue ocean as outer circle.

This same model can be applied to your company or your project team. The team wants to stay within their comfort zone, or maybe stretch only a little bit. But it will be when you believe in yourself as a team that you can find the most exceptional opportunity that no one else saw because no one else had the same perspective as you.

I hope you take advantage of the unlimited opportunity.