Commitment is the promise you make to remain faithful to something. You commit because of a shared vision for long-term outcomes. You can commit to a relationship because you see that in the long-term, you are better together. You can commit to an employer because you align with their vision of the future.

Commitment cannot be short-term. You aren’t committed to a company for a while, and then jump ship when the next job offer comes. You can’t say that you are committed to an iPhone unless you intend to be the last one using an iPhone when the kingdom disappears as Blackberry’s did. This doesn’t mean that you can’t move companies or switch brands; you should just be honest about what you are committed to. Maybe you aren’t committed to the company, but the cause, or even just the career opportunity. In that case, moving companies is consistent with your commitment to move where you can best serve the purpose or your career. You might not be committed to your iPhone, but you may be determined to being the person who has the coolest gadget, or the one that is easiest to use.

You get to choose what you are committed to. Being completely transparent about where your commitment lies helps you make decisions about your future. Your transparency also helps others know why and how you are making decisions.

Think about the commitments you have made. What long-term vision are you upholding in that commitment?