Company Of One by Paul Jarvis

I just finished reading Company of One by Paul Jarvis. Here are my key take-aways:

  1. Growth doesn’t need to be an end for every business. Serving your customer and making a contribution can be a noble end.
  2. Being a company of one allows you to focus on treating your customers right. (And to find the customers who best fit with what you can deliver.)
  3. In a company of one, you should always be asking what you can do to make your business better. This is entirely in your control because you are the company.
  4. You should focus on your minimum viable profit, and get to that profit amount as soon as possible. This is easier in a company of one than a startup because you likely don’t have investments that you can fall back on.
  5. Ask how you can help your customers succeed – and then go and do that. No one is going to stop you from making them succeed.
  6. Entrepreneurs are risk-averse. (A concept that Peter Drucker introduced me to. ) A risk that goes badly is more harmful to an entrepreneur than a big company. Entrepreneurs take the risks that have the highest possible rewards, but they don’t take a risk for risk’s sake.

In summary, I learned that:

I can be a company of one that serves in the way that I want to. I don’t need to start a large company to be successful Whether a company of one or a company one-thousand: taking care of people is the key to success.