If you have too much spice in a dish, it can be overpowering. If you don’t add enough water to your orange juice from concentrate, it tastes too strong. If you use a magnifying glass to focus a sunbeam, it can start a fire.

When you have a lot of one thing, the concentration can be potent. Whether it is a positive consolidation of kindness and love or an intentional focusing of divisiveness, having a lot of similar sentiments in a single place will cause the rest of the group to lean one way or another.

The antidote to concentration is dilution. If a group focused on destruction is diluted amongst a group focused on the benefit of humanity, eventually the harmful thinking will have no power or impact. But you have to be careful because the same thing can happen to positive matters also. People who are focused on good may have a diluted impact if they don’t fight to keep up the right levels of concentration.

The concentration of effort, time, energy and belief can be a powerful force. Make sure that you use this force to your benefit.