Consistency Is Key. Consistency Is Hard.

One of the hardest things to do is to be consistent in your delivery of a product or a result. You might be good at delivering something, but if you don’t deliver it predictably each time, people are going to be scared to do business with you.

I have been blogging every day for almost two months. It has been surprisingly easy for me to write a blog post every day. What has been equally surprising is how hard it is to consistently have the blog post delivered to people’s inbox every day. I am using Mailchimp, and it seems like it should be simple to have the blog post sent out every day. There have been a plethora of problems, from timezone issues to posts not being posted. It rips me to shreds inside each time I see that the post isn’t sent out when it was supposed to be.

If I blog post doesn’t get sent out, I am responsible. I have not delivered on a promise that I have made. The promise is this: “One blog post daily, delivered to all subscriber’s inboxes.” You could argue that it is ‘technical difficulties’ that get in the way of people getting the post. After all, I am writing a post every day. You can argue that technology should get better, or that the tools should be more robust. In the end, I am responsible, and I feel responsible.

First of all: I am sorry if you didn’t get a blog post every day. I fell short of my promise.

Second of all: It is up to me to find out what the problem is, and to fix it. Maybe the solution will be that I have to purchase some software to help me be more consistent or perhaps I will have to tweak some settings somewhere. Maybe I will have to amend my promise to be something that I can truly deliver on. (“Blog posts delivered to all subscriber’s inboxes, 5 or 6 times a week.”) I would hate to change the promise. But even more, I hate to break a promise I have made.

My promise continues to be, “one post, delivered daily.” I appreciate your grace as I am sometimes missing the mark for this promise right now.

Your hardest job will be to be consistent when you are giving people something that will help them. Have a brilliant product and amazing customer service. But most of all, deliver in the same way each time.