Continuing Education

This week I finished a course in Marketing Analytics from Columbia University. This course is part of a MicroMasters on Business Analytics. It feels good to be done the course, but it feels even better to know that I have a truckload of practical knowledge on marketing analytics that I can start applying right away. I can use what I have learned:

  • To determine which new features are the most important to users. This can help determine what we should work on next. 
  • to determine which project tasks are most likely to fail (be overtime, over-budget, or end up out of scope.) We can plan project risks accordingly. 
  • To determine how to maximize the profit, or the impact, from each dollar spent on an initiative. 

Throughout your lifetime, you must continue your education. Just as your job, family, and community grows and changes, so must you. Continuing to educate yourself, whether formally or informally, is the way that you will continue to make the most powerful impact when you contribute.