Coronavirus – Planning For “Back to Normal”

Let’s talk about what the next 12 months might look like. I know that there is a lot of hope as Ontario continues to have very low case numbers at the beginning of July. We can all take a breath and be grateful that the infection rates in most areas are in a good place right now. But this might not be the end of the story. We can see from all around the world that there can be resurgences and outbreaks in any community.

Back To Normal?

While many people would love to return to ‘normal,’ there is no guarantee that this will happen quickly. People want to return to fully staffed offices, go shopping without a mask and get to sold-out concerts. I challenge us to think about the way we should be structuring our lives and work. We should plan as if masks, distancing, outbreaks, and an abundance of caution will be a norm for a long time to come. If you put yourself into the mindset that you have to keep yourself and others safe, you might find that getting ‘back to normal’ isn’t what you want. You might favour working from home more and going to a public beach less.

High Opportunity, Low Risk

The prevailing attitude towards the Coronavirus is that this will all blow over soon. But what if your mindset focuses on the sense that it won’t blow over, but the new world structure is the way that things will be for a while? If you start to think of the current structure as a long-term state of being, you will begin to find opportunities in the way that things have become. And while general ‘wisdom’ says that you shouldn’t get committed, I suggest that you should double-down and invest with all you have.

Go all-in on committing to a world that is different than February and March of 2020. Your office, business, customers, and business model should be different. You should update everything, and look for new avenues of making an impact in the world. Seize the opportunities that you see because of this major disruption.

And what if the world does suddenly return to normal in the next 90 days? Then you still have a new business model and vision for making an impact into the future. If your new vision doesn’t fit the pre-COVID paradigm, then, at a minimum, you have gotten better at thinking through what is essential to your business.

Seize the Opportunity

Rethink your business, projects, and the value you bring to the world. The disruption of COVID-19 means that you have a world of opportunity. The risk of NOT CHANGING is as high as the risk of CHANGING, but the opportunity to change for the better can reap significant benefits. Commit to the long-term: make a change for the better.