Create A Customer

Peter Drucker said that the primary purpose of a business is to create a customer. So, I’ll ask the question directly to myself, and to you:
What have you done today that will create a customer for your business?

It’s good that you networked, polished your web-page, and polished today’s blog post. Doing your invoicing, generating financial statements, and choosing a company to produce your marketing materials are also good activities that will pay off in the long-term. But the question remains: what have you done to create a customer today?

I wonder if one of the driving forces behind any extremely successful company is the drive to create customers. Successful businesses might not be built on a lust for money or power or the passion for completing a mission so ambitious that you will be legendary. Successful companies could be built on the focus on creating a customer. Getting one person to buy into what you are offering. When someone buys into what you place before them, you have created a customer.

I don’t know if simply creating (or discovering) customers is enough to make a successful business. But it is one more hypothesis that I will explore on my business journey.