Customer First

It is hard to put your customer’s interests before your own. It can be tough to hear that your website copy doesn’t make sense, or that your product is too clunky to use. But when your customers tell you something, it pays to listen.

If your customer or constituent tells you that your website is hard to navigate, our first reaction is usually to explain to the user how they don’t understand the site. We demonstrate that if they simply click here, find the right drop-down, and drag this open, and they will get the result that they want. Unfortunately, even though both you and the customer agree on the result that they want and give it to them, you have just told the customer that they are wrong. You have clearly stated that they should not want to be able to navigate the site with their history and experience. Instead, they need to have your understanding of how the process should work before they can get their job done.

The next time your customer tells you that something is difficult, don’t explain how it works, ask them how they would expect it to work. Listen closely. If you are already offering the solution to the problem, then it might be a small leap to offer the solution to the problem in the way that your customer is expecting. By putting your customer first, you will have a better solution and a customer who feels valued because they are truly number one.