Customer Service Over Technology

Hypothesis: Customers would prefer to be treated well and to enjoy the companies that they work with over receiving cutting-edge technological. 

The reasons for this hypothesis are: 

  • Customers would prefer to talk with, and work with, people who they enjoy being around. If a customer is hiring someone to implement new technology, they are doing so because they cannot implement it themselves. If the customer wanted to gain the experience in cutting edge technology, they wouldn’t hire someone to do it. They would learn the technology themselves. 
  • The customer has a problem to solve. They want the problem solved in a way that works for them. Whether the problem is solved with cutting-edge technology or not doesn’t matter – as long as the problem is solved. If the customer is giving a solution that they don’t understand or isn’t sustainable, the solution could create as many pain-points as the original problem. 
  • Customers want to be able to co-create the solution to the problem. Being invested in the solution enables the customer to shape the solution in a way that works best for them. If the customer doesn’t enjoy talking to the technology-provider, there will be no collaboration and co-creation.

The assumptions in this hypothesis are:

  1. The solution-provider has technical capabilities that are beyond the capabilities of the customer. This could be capacity (that the customer needs an extra developer), or it could be in skills (that the customer has a DB Administrator, but can’t afford a developer and needs that gap filled.)
  2. The service provider’s purpose is to help the customer improve business performance.