Dangerous Distractions

Do you ever find yourself reading a news article when you should be focused on something else? Have you ever sunk onto the couch in the evening, only to discover that you have watched too much Netflix and not gotten anything done? Have you ever been hijacked by Youtube? Sometimes we get distracted and don’t get to what we should be working on.

There are dangerous distractions when you are working on projects also. You might be distracted by the manager who wants to have everything perfect. You might be distracted by training for the next perfect project management methodology. You might be distracted by getting everyone to buy into the change that is being made. Any one of these situations should get your attention, but don’t let them become sink-holes.

Distractions can be anything that draws you away from the vision of the project. If you know your project vision, you will be more likely to ignore the distractions that don’t fit the template of where you are going. Communicate your project’s vision, and don’t be distracted by work that takes you away from what you are truly trying to accomplish.

Don’t become distracted. Distractions can be dangerous to the success of your project.