Dashboards for Your Business or Project

A dashboard gives you quick-glance information about your business or project. Gathering relevant data into a single place helps you make better decisions.

Your Dashboard

Get your dashboard in place quickly.

Dashboard project checklist and timeline.

Dashboard Vision: A no-obligation 30-minute conversation about the dashboard that you need for your business or project. At the end of the conversation, whether or not you need our help developing your dashboard, we’ll send you a one-page description of your dashboard purpose, layout, data sources, and update plan.

Define Layout: First, we will figure out how you want your dashboard to look. You dictate the data that you want to see and how you want the graphs or data tables to appear.

Define Data Sources: Once you know what you want to see, we find out where the data comes from.

Develop Dashboard: With the layout in mind, and an understanding of where the data is coming from, a dashboard is developed the way you envisioned it.

Testing and Feedback: Testing and feedback are vital to ensure that the dashboard conveys the correct information. Updates are made based on your comments.

Launch Dashboard: Once the dashboard is complete, it can be released to the people who will use it every day.

You can display anything on your dashboard. Including: 

  • Current profit/ loss numbers
  • Projects in progress 
  • Project status (budget, schedule)
  • Future projects
  • Number of transactions processed
  • Current prospects
  • Number of sales calls and status of each