Dear Seth Godin

Dear Seth,

I have heard you ask that people refrain from sending you email. I’m sorry to interrupt your day uninvited.

I have a request of you in my blog post today. If you read it great. If not – I understand, it will still be a good example to anyone reading about being willing to put yourself out there.

Have a great day.

John van Dijk

Dear Seth Godin,

You were the one who told me I should make something every day. You said it so many times that finally I had to listen. The experience has been amazing. Not only does blogging help clarify my thoughts, but it is nice to know that what I write might actually help someone someday. It is also a good way for me to remember things that I am thinking about. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about documenting your life. Blogging daily makes me realize that I have unique insights that I can offer because I am the only person in this time and place, with my history and experience. I can help people, and that is pretty cool. Especially since my first line in my mission manifesto is “Because of my actions, other people will be better at who they are.”

I read your blog fairly regularly. I am a subscriber but sometimes there is other life going on when it arrives, and then I never get back to it. But sometimes, your blog post or another blog post from the past that I am reading resonates like a massive gong. Sometimes I could share your blog post word-for-word so that other people will be better at who they are.


I would like your permission to post, without revision, one of your blog posts per month on my blog.


  • The blog post will have the title you have given it. With ‘By Seth Godin’ appended. (example: The simple power of one a day. By Seth Godin)
  • Before the post begins I will provide the following attribution and link:
  • “This post was written by Seth Godin. Reproduced by permission. The original post can be found here.” (A link to the original post will be provided.)
  • If there is commentary that I would like to add to the blog post, I will start a section below the post with the heading – Commentary from John van Dijk.

The Rules and Benefits

  • There is no direct benefit to you to allow me to do this. You would smile if I told you the size of my mailing list.
  • There could be a benefit to someone reading the post. Either because I post older content from yourself, or because I give my thoughts and perspective on what you have written.
  • There might be a benefit to me because I am posting your content. But the only way that is truly valuable to me is if it helps me extend my ability to help people with what they are working on.

The Rules:

  • I can only use one of your blog posts if I have posted consecutively for the previous 30 days.
  • I can only use one of your posts a month.

So let me know what you think. Leave a comment, or email me. If you got this far, I really appreciate the time that you have given me.