A decision is a choice that you make about your future.

A decision is a place where the road forks. You can choose one direction or the other. But a decision isn’t about what life will look like at the moment after the decision; it is about where you are placing your finish line.

Examples Of Decisions and Finish Lines

On a small scale

Ordering french fries instead of a salad is a decision you make which you experience right now. But choosing french fries over salad for a long time moves your finish line towards heart disease and obesity.

On a medium scale

A decision to stop funding staff lunches quarterly is a decision that saves your company immediate cash. But the losing the long-term benefit of employees who feel appreciated and have a chance to connect socially moves your finish line towards being a company where employees look out for themselves and not others.

On a big scale

Choosing to stay in a situation that is safe that you have under control and are familiar with, provides you with a routine that you can manage and master. And staying on a safe path moves to the finish line to a predictable place where you know what the results will be.

The Finish Line

The choices you make today will change your finish line. Figure out where you want your finish line to be, and then make the decisions that will get you there.