Differently and Better

If you are managing a project within an organization, you need to ask your stakeholders, “What part of the business do you want to run differently and better?” The question is repeated throughout the book There’s No Such Thing as an I.T. Project by Bob Lewis and Dave Kaiser.

The premise of this book is that every project is a business project. The whole purpose of implementing anything within an organization is to contribute to the business outcomes. Departments shouldn’t be implementing software; they should be automating processes that contribute to the mission. Processes shouldn’t be modified to conform to the way that software moulds them. The software shouldn’t be customized only to adhere to the stated requirements. Instead, Information Technology professionals and business stakeholders must work together to find ways to use technology to move the business forward towards becoming the business that it needs to be.

I.T. employees like to implement and develop solutions. That is what we are good at. But to be truly effective, we need to implement solutions that contribute to the business. It isn’t good enough that the work is complete, it must be done right the first time.