Disrupted. By A Time Change

There is a lot of talk about disruptive innovation in our time. Most of the time we are talking about a disruption to the way that people have done business. The dictionary tells us that disruption is, “a break or interruption in the normal course or continuation of some activity, process, etc.” Disruption is when something changes in your regular routine.

We often hold disruptive companies in high esteem. Even though there is an academic definition of a disruptive company a common way to talk about disruptive companies is to talk about any company that is doing things significantly different than we are used to or expect. Disruption is often exciting when it is to our benefit. We forget that disruption also changes a comfortable life for someone. And change is hard.

This morning I was disrupted by a time-change. My alarm went off an hour earlier than I expected. It is the start of daylight savings time today. I am not enjoying this disruption.

Disruptions are good for us as a society. It helps us move forward. In the same way that muscle grows when you lift weights and cause ‘small microtraumas’ disruption does the same thing to us. It will help us grow because we have to deal with the tension. We need to pay attention to those who it is disrupting and take care to make sure that they are ok. Disruption is not comfortable for everyone, but it can be necessary. It might not be enjoyable for me, but it can be good.

I’m going back to bed.