Do What It Takes To Get It Done

What would it take to get it done? What is that one thing that you want to get done, but you just can’t seem to deliver on? Keep that one thing in your mind.

Now think about what it would take to get you to do that one thing.

And your response is: “but I can’t do that one thing, that’s the problem.” I have been trying, but I just haven’t been successful. This is where I want to stop and and repeat: Think about what it would take to get you to do that one thing. I bet there is something. Here’s some examples:

  • If you are trying to lose weight: would having a heart attack change your eating habits?
  • If you were trying to find a job: would losing your current job increase your motivation and effort you put in.
  • If you feel that you don’t have time for your family: would losing them because they were taken from you motivate you to fight for them?

These are probably bad or abstract examples. But the point it, there is some extra energy that you can put towards whatever you say you can’t do.

Let’s be honest. There are some things that you truly can’t do. But I’d rather be able to say that I can’t do it because I truly tried with all of my energy than say that I can’t do it, just because I think that I can’t do it.

Give it your all and the story you tell won’t be about what you couldn’t do, but about how much you did get done. Because when you give it your all, and do what it takes to get it done, most of the time it’s going to get done.