Doing A Good Job

You should do your very best at whatever you are working on. But doing a good job will look different depending on who is doing the work. A good job for someone who is very competitive will look like a win. A good job from a collaborative person’s perspective will be that everyone contributed. A good job from a person with a high focus on compassion will be that no one is left behind.

You can start to see why we don’t always agree on how good the completed work is. Just compare how competitive and compassionate people view winning differently. So we can start to look at the concept of a good job from a different perspective. There are some criteria we can use to determine if we have done a good job. These are principles that we can all agree on.

  • Did the impact you delivered create an opportunity for people to become more autonomous and self-sufficient?
  • Did you do the best job that you can? 
  • Did you ensure that you have planted seeds for future growth, not only immediate gain?
  • Is your impact being accepted and nurtured?

I’m sure that there are other criteria that we can use to measure a good job. What yard-stick do you use? What measure would you want people to use on your work?